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Take A Step Towards Healthy Lifestyle In Ramadan 2021

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If you are a Muslim you might be eagerly waiting for Ramadan 2021 as it is coming in no time. But do you know that you can take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by properly practicing healthy habits in the upcoming Ramadan 2021? If ‘NO’ then you should follow Loaded Health for finding out why Ramadan 2021 will be your fitness motivation and also find easy ways for keeping yourself fit and healthy in Ramadan 2021.

Today I am starting a Ramadan 2021 series related to health, fitness, and nutrition for your guidance towards a healthy lifestyle, fitness motivation, losing weight, and spiritually cleansing yourself during Ramadan 2021. So, let’s begin.

Why Ramadan 2021 Will Be Your Fitness Motivation?

Ramadan is a spiritual holy month of the Islamic calendar for the people who practice Islam. In this month Muslims fast from before sunrise to after sunset without a gap. As Muslims, we don’t doubt the single word Quran or Hadith teaches us. So, here is a quote from Quran about it: 

This Verse in Surah Baqrah 2:184 in summary is clearly describing that fasting in Ramadan is having some hidden benefits that mankind might not know. If we keep fast it will be better for us in all ways. Fasting is not about just gaining spiritual benefit. But fasting also has physical health benefits.

Additionally, Our Prophet (S.A.W.W) teaches us to stick to fasting in Ramadan. There are several other hadith and verses from The Holy Quran available that favor the endless benefits of Ramadan. 

So, in short Ramadan 2021 will provide you an excellent opportunity to become fit. Fitness is a crucial part of maintaining good health. It has numerous health advantages. Like it improves respiratory and heart health. It also improves muscles and bone development. Ramadan 2021 will help you maintain a healthy weight. It will keep you away from negative emotions and thoughts. It will make your work with motivation. Ramadan will also help you adjust your sleep pattern. Tarawih will not only pray but will also act as an exercise for you.

Is Ramadan Healthy or Unhealthy?

If you ask me this question that Ramadan is healthy or unhealthy? I will say that it is definitely healthy and can be your fitness motivation for the rest of the year. You can also kick start your fitness journey from Ramadan 2021. Here is why. In a study done in 2014, the researchers revealed that Ramadan has good health outcomes. 

Furthermore, people who fast religiously in Ramadan tend to show a significant decrease in their blood cholesterol which further lowers the chances of heart issues. Moreover, Fasting detoxifies your body. Being in the fast for almost 16 hours makes your body cleanse itself, rest, and then restart. This increases your immune system performance. 

Whereas Ramadan doesn’t tend to have any harmful effects on any organs, your blood pressure, or your sugar level. Even if you have issues with your insulin resistance Ramadan is the best time to let down this problem instead. 

As you are eating less and your insulin resistance is in control you will eventually lose weight if you make good and healthy food choices throughout Ramadan. Fasting also builds self-control from the things you time so it is also good to quit your smoking or drinking habits. Now I am about to discuss some of the major chronic illnesses and medical conditions concerning Ramadan 2021.


If you are a hypertension patient and afraid of fasting. Do not worry. You can fast without any complications. Studies have shown that people with hypertension can complete their fast. Because fasting does not harm your blood pressure balance.

In fact, Ramadan 2021 fasting can contribute to the improvement of your BP and lowers body fats and body weight as well, in adult hypertensive patients bringing them even more health benefits than before.

Practice good habits and have a healthy Ramadan 2021. First of all, consult your physician to assess your health. Your doctor can prescribe long-acting antihypertensive drugs. It can be taken at night, without affecting your fast. Fruit and vegetables should be an essential part of your Ramadan meals. Because they are an important source of potassium that helps to control high blood pressure. 

Add Low-fat dairy products to your diet. Because they contain calcium. Which regulates blood pressure and improves bone health. Measure your blood pressure regularly. Continuously exercising during Ramadan 2021 will help to regulate your blood pressure. If you experience dizziness and headaches consult your physician immediately. 

Avoid high-fat dishes and fluids. If you are fond of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks. Leave them for the sake of Ramadan. Stay away from sodium foods such as salted nuts and pickles. They can cause hypertension. Instead of them add a fresh green salad to your foods.


Are you suffering from hypothyroidism? You do not need treatment adjustments during Ramadan. But how it is possible? You can fast safely without any health hazards. During Ramadan 2021 take your thyroid tablets before bedtime. Instead of half an hour before Sehr. If you are iodine deficient, add iodized table salt to your meals. I advise you to eat foods like seaweed, fish, dairy, and eggs. 


You will be glad to know. During Ramadan, no adverse fetal effects are found in fasting pregnant women as compare to non-fasting pregnant women. Your doctor will decide you should fast or not during Ramadan 2021. If he suggests that you can fast. Then you may go ahead with it. 

You can stay healthy in Ramadan. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water at Sahir and Iftar. Protein, fruits, dates, and fiber will help you to stay healthy. Energy-rich foods at suhoor are a good choice. Avoid physical activities, take rest and sleep well. Contact your doctor in case of any complications. 


If you are diabetic then medical, nutritional, and physical activity consulting is necessary for you during Ramadan. Fasting in Ramadan is not associated with any significant negative effects on blood glucose.

It is better to visit your doctor 6-8 weeks before Ramadan. Monitor your glucose level during fasting and after fasting at intervals or advised by your doctor. Tarawih prayers, are a blessing for everyone but especially for diabetes patients. Tarawih is the perfect exercise for you. Such as bowing, kneeling, and rising. 


Ramadan improves your immune function and increasing resistance. Which are essential to help fight COVID-19. But still, if you are having COVID you should consult your doctor about getting into Ramadan 2021 fasting or not. If you have recovered from COVID-19 or don’t have it you can easily fast without any hassle.

See Nutrition for COVID-19, Supplements, and COVID-19 & COVID 19 exercise recommendations to find the best reviews during the pandemic. Furthermore, it is not yet reported that Ramadan had or will have any detrimental effects on Coronavirus or COVID death.     

Here are some tips for you. Perform regular exercise to boost your immunity. Avoid attending events and practice social distancing. Drink plenty of water. Fresh and unprocessed foods every day are a good option for you. If you are a smoker avoid the use of tobacco as smoking is injurious to health.


Patients with gastritis should take their medicines before fasting.  If you are one of those whose complications aggravate during fasting. Then avoid sweets, salty foods, meats, spicy foods, and fried foods. Too many sugar-containing foods are harmful to you. Avoid overeating at Sahir and iftar.

If we talk about caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and sodas, they are not at all good for you. Avoid smoking and you will feel better. You are thinking, then what is good for you? The answer is slow digesting foods. Dates can be an excellent source of sugar, fiber for you. Break the fast early and eat in moderate quantity. Plus point is that it’s also Sunnah that teaches us to break the fast with a date.


Breastfeeding mothers are highly concerned about fasting in Ramadan. During fasting, mothers should not give additional food to their babies. Mothers should consume sufficient food in Ramadan 2021.

To maintain health and milk supply during Ramadan 2021. Stay hydrated during non-fasting hours. Eat calories in surplus and stick to wholesome and healthy food.

In The Nutshell 

If we practice Ramadan according to Sunnah and Islamic rules and regulations. Then Ramadan 2021 will provides an excellent opportunity to become fit and will be your fitness motivation for the year. It improves not only our physical health and immune system but also our mental health. It’s not fasting during Ramadan which aggravates some medical conditions but our eating habits. So, eat wisely in order to maintain your fitness.

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