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How Can You Lose Weight In Ramadan?

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Can you lose weight during Ramadan 2021? Many people think that Ramadan is an opportunity to lose weight due to its shorter eating window. But the food choices they make will not let them lose weight in Ramadan. Today I will talk about why you can’t lose weight in Ramadan? And how you can lose weight in Ramadan?

Why You Can’t Lose Weight in Ramadan?

It is shown in studies many people instead of losing weight tend to gain weight during Ramadan. Weight gain hurts your health. Why you tend to gain weight despite fasting more than 12 hours a day? There are 3 main reasons for this:

  • First is that the intake is of higher calorie with low physical activity or lesser calorie burn. 
  • Second is during non-fasting time you consume large amount of sugary and fatty foods are consumed as compare to other months of year. 
  • Third is that variety of food choices, overeating,, and disruptive sleep pattern are also causes of weight gain.

Can You Lose Weight In Ramadan?

The simple answer is YES. Do you think Ramadan is only a test of faith and patience? No, it is also a test for you if you want to stay on track and be healthy throughout Ramadan. It becomes very difficult for you to make healthy choices with all the delicious meals made in Ramadan. If you approach in the right manner fasting will improve mental and physical health. 

Furthermore and eventually ending you up in a leaner body via weight loss. Most people are worried that they might put on weight. Because they find it difficult to give up on habitual eating. Intermittent fasting is really healthy for your body. Fasting in Ramadan is a form of intermittent fasting which also aids in weight loss.

How You Can Lose Weight in Ramadan?

Now the question arises how you can lose weight in Ramadan? But let me tell you what. If you want to lose weight Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for you. You can achieve your weight loss target by adopting spiritual and physical discipline.

First of all, realize that Ramadan is not just about fasting and iftar. You should understand the spiritual essence of the month. Control your hunger and worldly desires. 

Secondly, introduce healthy meal choices at the iftar table as well as at suhoor. Avoid carbohydrates products and take wholemeal products. White flour, rice, white bread, and sugar are refined carbohydrates. While brown flour, brown bread, brown pasta are a whole meal that is high in fiber. Wholemeal carbohydrates are absorbed slowly into your body and maintain blood sugar levels the whole day.

Ramadan Habits To Lose Weight

Here are some habits to develop in order to lose weight in Ramadan.


People who work whole the day should take paratha with yogurt in suhoor. People who do indoor jobs can take yogurt and eggs in suhoor. Rehydrate yourself between suhoor and iftar. The art of drinking water is slowly drinking with intervals. Add fruits to your suhoor if you do not work all day.


Overeating especially at iftar is a common issue for many people. You have fasted for long enough and now you are hungry. But this is the time you need to control your hunger and chose wisely. You should break your fast with dates and water. 

Then let your body absorb the date and that glass of water. Meanwhile, you can go for the Maghreb prayer. It will make your body prepare for the food you are about to consume. It will also allow the instinct of eating quickly to allow slightly. 


Fill your plate with a mixture of food and take it. Now stick to it for 20 minutes. Allow your stomach to signal your brain. If you are full then you had the right portion. If you are feeling hungry then have a bit more.


I will advise you to walk after suhoor. Because your suhoor meal needs to be digested. Many people lay down after suhoor. It causes gastrointestinal disorders. You should go for a walk. Chose a Masjid that is at least 20 minutes of walking distance. Follow the same routine to digest iftar meal. 

This simple walk to nearby mosque 5 times a day can help you stay fit and lose weight in Ramadan.


If you are taking fried food in iftar it is not a healthy choice at all. If you want fitness then always prefer light food for iftar. If you eat a lot in the iftar meal it will not give you the energy to go running. Surely you will prefer light food items.

You are thinking that only exercise will help you lose weight. No, not only exercise but light meal also contribute a lot. Take easy-to-digest foods and avoid processed sugar-containing foods.


While trying to losing weight you should keep in mind it should not make you weak. Only vegetables and fruits are not enough for iftar. Add proteins and more water to your iftar. Avoid sweet dishes. Take a balanced diet and perform workouts.


Interruption in sleep patterns during Ramadan and daily routine can cause weight gain. ​Enough sleep maintains your health, wellbeing, and general ability to work well throughout the day. During Ramadan usually, our sleep pattern is disrupted by social gatherings and activities. 

Disruption in sleep pattern cause changes in hunger hormones. Also, sleep deprivation affect your decision-making that how and what to eat. It leads to craving for sugary and fatty foods which cause weight gain.

Instead of multiple short naps, longer sleep blocks are more beneficial. You should sleep at least 4 hours between iftar and suhoor. Then go to sleep after Fajar for a couple of hours before waking.


You can lose weight in Ramadan by following the above-mentioned steps. If not at least it will help you to maintain your health and weight. One of the most important things for losing weight in Ramadan is portion control.  You should practice patience and self-control in the case of food as well. It is the essence of Ramadan.

Not eating between Suhoor and iftar and then eating a lot at iftar time is not a teaching of Ramadan. Also eating just one type od contribute to weight gain. Keep on checking your weight and BMI index during Ramadan. The best way to make sure that you are not gaining weight is portion control. Portion control tells you how much your body needs to function properly.

Diet For Losing Weight In Ramadan


  • If you are staying home and not working much go for the smoothie option. They are usually digested well and early as you might be sleeping right after suhoor will not hurt your health.
  • If you are working on a desk job jo for egg whites and yogurt. They will fill you up with proteins mainly.
  • Severe to moderate type of jobs plus housewives who are doing every household work on their own and labor should eat whole wheat flatbread/bread with butter ghee on top also called ‘Paratha’.


  • In iftar the main difference is the portion control and calorie count. 
  • In order to lose weight be in calorie deficit and try to consume a serving of vegetables and fruits here. 
  • As far as macronutrient is concerned consume complex carbs and a portion of protein.

Exercise to Lose Weight in Ramadan

Many people due to fast do not exercise. But exercise plays an important role in maintaining weight. For losing weight in Ramadan exercise is a must. You take food containing higher calories and do not go for exercise. Wait 2 hours after iftar and go for a light exercise such as walking, jogging, climbing stairs. Don’t go for heavy exercise. You can even perform simple exercises at your home which can help you to lose weight. Anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes will keep you healthy.


In the end I just want to say that to lose weight in Ramadan or general routine consistency is the key. It is all about your hard work, mindset, and willpower. You can make everything possible. Just need to follow a proper routine for it which is doable for you. Follow the steps above so you can easily lose weight during Ramadan.Follow Loaded Health for more updates.

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