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10 Ways to Prevent Jet Lag

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Jet lag is an issue many travelers deal with, which appears when your regular sleep patterns are affected. This usually happens due to a long flight where you go over multiple time zones. Several days may pass before the human body adjusts to a new time zone. If you want to keep your energy levels high and avoid sleepiness, then it’s an excellent idea to prevent jet lag. You must realize that jet lag can’t be prevented, but you can reduce it. Things like having the right bedroom essentials in a hotel will come in handy, and it might even reverse the problem. 

What Causes Jet Lag?

As mentioned earlier, the main cause of jet lag is changing time zones. It’s a physiological condition, and it’s normal when you switch to a new time zone that your body is not adjusted to. Eventually, you will be able to adjust; however, doing that does take some time. 

How Do Time Zone Changes Affect the Body’s Natural Clock?

The human body is not trained to switch between time zones quickly. Since your internal clock is adjusted to a single time zone when you travel over multiple time zones, it is thrown out of whack. It will still function based on our original time zone, so you will end up at the new location, potentially feeling like you’re in the middle of the day, unable to sleep or fall asleep in the middle of the night at your new destination.

Symptoms of Jet Lag

Jet lag symptoms vary, but they include anything from sleep problems to daytime fatigue, a feeling of not being well, the inability to focus or function regularly, diarrhea, constipation, and mood changes.

Severity and Duration of Symptoms

As you get accustomed to your new location, you can expect jet lag symptoms to wear off. Within a day or two, this typically occurs. With that in mind, jet lag studies suggest that it might wear off quicker, but it does depend on the person and their resilience. 

Pre-Trip Strategies

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule

A great way to prepare for any possible An excellent method to get ready for any potential jet lag issues is to adjust your sleep schedule. Try to sleep according to the destination’s time zone or at least closer to it. Begin this a few days in advance. This will make it much simpler to adjust your sleep pattern and avoid any significant jet lag when you reach the destination. 

Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is usually a part of the jet lag experience, so staying hydrated is very important. Drinking enough water is extremely important to prevent jet lag; you will find adjusting to the new time zone easier once you get there. Ensure you get your recommended daily amounts of water and electrolytes before your trip so you’re fit and ready to travel. 

Choosing the Right Flight Schedule

We also recommend choosing flights that bring you to the destination during the day. If you arrive during the night, that can become problematic, making adjusting to the new time zone even more challenging. Then, you can stay up until the appropriate time, boosted by some of the excitement of travelling, and get a good night’s sleep immediately. check out a guide to restful sleep for seniors.

During Flight Strategies

Staying Active

You don’t want to just sleep during the flight, as it will disrupt your routine and schedule. That’s why we recommend staying active. Things like in-seat exercises, walking around the cabin or stretching are all great ideas to prevent jet lag. They will make avoiding major jet lag problems easier, as you won’t oversleep. You can also play puzzle games on your phone or tablet to keep your brain active. 

Avoiding Alcohol and Caffeine

As we know, both caffeine and alcohol can end up disrupting your sleep. When it comes to this, you want to avoid anything. changing any sleep patterns. If you avoid drinking these, you will transition to the new time zone much quicker. 

Creating a Comfortable Environment

An eye mask, blankets, travel pillows and comfortable clothes can help you relax and unwind. You will notice that if you’re relaxed when you reach your destination, then jet lag won’t be that much of an issue.

Post-Trip Strategies

Getting Some Sunlight

Once you arrive at your destination, getting some sunlight is an excellent idea. What this does is help you reset your circadian rhythm, and that can be very helpful. Additionally, it will make pushing simpler the downsides of jet lag while acclimating to the new time zone a lot faster. 

Eating Well

It’s also an excellent idea to nurture your body and eat healthily. Focus on eating nutritious meals at the correct intervals. Not only will you have adequate energy levels, but it will also prevent any possible health problems. Especially after dealing with airplane food and airport snacks, neither of which are generally excellent. 

Staying at a Good Hotel

Picking the right hotel is also a great way to ensure you are relaxed, which helps fight and prevent jet lag. We recommend picking a great hotel with spa bathroom accessories and all those nice-to-have, relaxing features. 

A bed with a perfect and comfortable mattress can also come in handy, and it will will enable you to unwind more easily when you get there. If you’re still in doubt, just email them and ask which ones they have. True, you won’t be spending your entire trip indoors, but you need good sleep to gather your energy for the next move. 

Plus, a hotel with proper soundproofing and blackout curtains can help enhance your sleep experience and push it to the next level. The better your sleep quality, the easier to prevent jet lag. 

Establishing a New Routine

Once you get there, it makes a lot of sense to try to adapt your daily routine to the new location. A good rule is to try local activities and see if you enjoy them. It can be an exciting approach to prevent jet lag, and it can work very well — particularly if you remain there for more than just a few days.

Final Thoughts on Prevent Jet Lag

Using the right strategies to prevent jet lag If you wish to have, you must have an easier time accommodating to the new time zone. Simple things like having a comfortable travel experience, hydrating yourself and going to bed at a time similar to the new time zone are always great ideas. Additionally, when it comes to finding the right hotel and creating a new routine, all these things will be helpful, making the entire process simpler and more accessible. We highly recommend giving these tips and tricks a try right away and think you will be pleased with the results they provide.


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