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About LH

Welcome to Loaded Health Let me tell you about LH it is an integrative blog that covers Fitness, Nutrition, and Workouts. The name loaded health came into our minds when we realize that health is actually not just a word. It’s a collective term that comprises many factors such as how you eat? how fit you are? and how often do you work out?

What people don’t realize that goodness of overall health can decrease the prevalence of many diseases normally occurring around the globe. Diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart issues, Obesity, and many more. Plus, poor health also has a large contribution to your mental health such as stress and depression.

So, to create this awareness Loaded Health (LH) came into being. This is unique about LH that we want to help people improve their lifestyles by simply notifying them with simple things. So, that they can prevent all these issues on their own. Also explaining everything in detail yet in simpler language. In this blog we will cover in depths the following subtopics and common queries related to them:


What is the Basic definition of Nutrition?

What are Nutritional Foods?

How appropriate Nutrition is responsible for creating a health?


Why fitness is important in life?

What are the basic concepts of fitness?

What are the types of fitness?

Why fitness contributes to your overall quality of life?


What is most effective workout?

How physical activities like workouts maintain or strengthen your well-being?

and many more will be covered. For your custom queries you can always Contact us here or on our Facebook page.

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