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Surprising Facts On Health Benefits of Coffee

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Are you a coffee lover and often heard it’s bad for your health? Well, whatever we hear is not always true, and reality might be different. There are some tremendously important health benefits of coffee as well.

I have been a coffee lover since my early teens, especially in winters a cup of coffee was a must to start my day with. Even during my most hectic days, coffee is what I have the first day in the morning.

I have tried almost all types of coffee from black coffee to keto coffee, or a cappuccino. But, I will discuss the types of coffee I have tried and available forms of coffee some other time. Today’s article is all about the health benefits of coffee which should be known to you.

So, if you are a coffee lover and consuming it daily. You must know the answers to the questions such as is coffee bad for you? Is coffee good for you?. If it is good then what are the benefits of drinking coffee etc.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

The concept is old and simple that everything in excess will hurt your health. Even if you are consuming for example water in larger amounts than required by your body. The negative consequences will occur.

Similarly, the health benefits of Coffee works when it is consumed in moderation. Taking more than usual and required will hurt your health rather than improving it. The amount of coffee that is reported safer for the human body is not more than 3-4 cups a day. 

Below I am listing the top 10 health benefits of coffee:


This is one of the major advantages of coffee. This is also the main reason why coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Think, when people mostly drink coffee? People mostly drink coffee in the morning and during office hours. The reason is mainly to increase mental alertness and increase productivity in their work.

Studies also favor the statements above that how coffee is found to increase work performance and mental alertness.


Who doesn’t want to lose weight? I think more than 90% of the people will say “everybody”. What if drinking coffee helps you to lose weight? So, yes coffee does help in your weight loss.

This done in 3 ways: 

  • Coffee breaks down your fat which is stored in the body and then uses as fuel. That is why almost every fat burner in the market has caffeine in it with other ingredients.
  • Coffee is believed to increase your metabolism. Hence, help you to lose weight.
  • Another way coffee helps you to lose weight is by maintaining your insulin levels. So that you are not having cravings for sweet and sugary drinks or desserts.


Nowadays there is a trend of taking black coffee as a pre-workout drink and the research proves it right that your efforts and performance during the workout session increase up to 12% if you take coffee.

Coffee also contains an adrenaline rush to the body to get more focus and leads towards an exertional workout every session.


The benefits of coffee also include the stability of your immune system and the improvement of skin health. The reasons are the antioxidants found in coffee.

Studies suggest that medium-dark roasted coffee has the most antioxidants. 


A study published in the British Journal of Cancer in 2007 discovered that usage of coffee within moderation has positive effects on long-term liver diseases. But extreme intake of coffee can also lead to liver cirrhosis (an irreversible liver injury).

Another study in the Journal of Gastroenterology in 2005 states the same thing about the relation between coffee and liver injury.


If taken in moderation the health benefits of coffee also lead to the prevention of some types of cancer within the body. Such as one of the skin cancers known as basal cell carcinoma. Those studies also suggest that drinking coffee can prevent prostate cancer in men up to 20% and endometrial cancer in women up to 25%.


Parkison’s disease prevention is also included in coffee health benefits. If you consume small to moderate amounts of coffee it might prevent you from Parkinson’s.

Next on the list is stroke, which is on the list of brain-related concerns that can be prevented by coffee consumption.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia also show a potential decrease in coffee intake. 

Coffee helps in releasing the neurotransmitter that leads to an elevated and happy mood. Hence there are fewer chances of depression and suicide.


Most of the time you might have heard that don’t drink coffee if you are a heart patient. Or don’t drink coffee as it’s not good for your heart health as it elevates the pulse rate and blood pressure. Let us find out how true is it.

A study published in 2012 shows that intake of coffee in prescribed amounts actually may protect you against heart failure.

Plus, as per analysis caffeine is coffee is actually having a positive impact on heart health and blood pressure regulation if taken in moderation.


If coffee is included in your daily routine it decreases sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue) and helps in muscle regeneration and recovery. 


So, coffee helps in insulin regulation and decreases insulin resistance. How? 

Coffee helps in insulin regulation by increasing insulin sensitivity and uptake into the muscle tissues. Hence, there will be a lower level of sugar in the bloodstream leads to lesser chances for type 2 diabetes.


Wrapping it all up, these health benefits of coffee I have mentioned above not alone responsible for all these benefits. Instead, many other factors are also involved in achieving health benefits.

Secondly, remember what I have mentioned about the key point before. Keypoint is to drink and consume coffee in moderation that is not more than 3-4 cups a day to achieve all these health benefits. Last but not the least, as winters are here enjoy coffee with your family and loved ones.


How Much Coffee is Healthy?

Coffee in moderation is always a healthy option to take as a beverage. One to two cups of coffee will be more than enough for you to get the most out of the health benefits of coffee.

Can I Drink Coffee Every Day?

Yes, you can consume coffee on daily basis. If consumed in moderate amounts there are endless health benefits of coffee you can take advantage of. Read above.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Daily?

Drinking it on daily basis can get you through several health benefits of coffee, some of them are listed below:

  • Increase physical and mental performance.
  • Keeps your heart healthy.
  • Helps in decreasing body fat.
  • Lowers cancer risks.
  • Helps you in focusing more.
  • You can be more productive.

Is Coffee Bad For Heart?

No, it is not bad for your heat if consumed in moderate quantities. In fact, if you consume it in lesser amounts you will get one of the major health benefits of coffee that is a healthy heart. Read above.

Does Coffee Makes You Gain Weight?

No, coffee itself has no role in getting you fat or leading towards weight gain. If you are adding extra creamers and sugar to your coffee on daily basis you will eventually end up gaining weight. Coffee itself is believed to decrease body weight by its fat-burning properties.

Also, read 10 health and fitness tips.

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