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7 Incredible Weight Training Benefits

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Are you aware of the weight training benefits? If you are a gym-goer or even someone who is just starting the fitness journey this article is for you. Weight training gained a lot of popularity with regards to weight loss and weight gain. Before started to involve it in your daily routine you must know weight training benefits.

What Is Weight Training?

Weight training also called resistance training is a form of exercise that puts a load on muscles through weighted objects like dumbbells or bars. Pulling or pushing muscles against the weight creates stress and resistance on muscles. This stress helps muscles grow, gain size, prepare for more challenges and lose weight. 

What Are the Advantages of Weight Training?

There are plenty of weight training benefits I can list here. But I will be listing below the top 7 weight training benefits. Furthermore, like others weight training also has some disadvantages that I will be covering some other day. So, 7 major health and fitness benefits of lifting weights include:


As your age increases your bones and muscles started to break down. Even due to certain conditions in which you can have calcium deficiencies or Vitamin D deficiencies, your bones and muscles weak. Weight training benefits can improve your bone health.

For instance, Loss of bone density called Osteoporosis is a major health problem with growing age. Weight lifting or resistance training allows bones and muscles to grow themselves. It regulates the bone size, shape, mineral mass, density, and subsequently bone strength. That’s why you must include weight training for bone development, bone health, and fracture risk reduction.

The study agrees with what I have discussed above and also said that there will be up to 3% bone density increase by weight training.


Does Lifting Weight Burn Belly Fat? Belly fat is a main health and fitness concern nowadays. Well, weight training or resistance training might have the solution. Not only cardio or doing crunches helps you get a slim belly and 6 pack abs but instead weight training also plays a crucial role. Belly fat is a site where the fat stored earliest and go away in the last.

But there is nothing like spot reduction so to lose belly fat you have to lose your overall body fat percentage. If you build more muscles it will keep your fats burning throughout the day. Weight lifting increases your lean body mass and increases the number of calories you burn daily. Fat loss will be greater if you are taking a low-calorie diet with weight training as compared to a high-calorie diet.

Fats are stored mostly in the abdominal cavity (belly). A study done found that women who lift weight as compare to those who do not lose more intra-abdominal or deep belly fat.


Weight lifting can help you increase your metabolism in four substantial ways: 

  • When you are performing weight lifting you need more calories in this way your calorie burn or metabolism increases for that given day. 
  • Stress is imposed on muscles during training your body needs to repair muscles that need additional calories after that again boosts your metabolism. 
  • As your body has to recover from your recent weight training activity. At that time, your metabolism boosts up, which’s why you are burning more calories. 
  • Strength training increases your lean body mass or muscle tissue that’s why it increases your metabolism. 


Cardiovascular activities can burn calories and helps you in losing weight and fat percentage. But it can’t help you build your muscles. That’s where the weight training benefits came along. It has a 2 in 1 dual impact on health. That is you can simultaneously burn calories to lose weight and build muscles.


Weight lifting improves your sleep. Specifically, moderate weight lifting reduces sleep onset and increases sleep quality or time you take to fall asleep, and decreases the amount of time you lie awake in bed during the night. In addition, it can also help alleviate daytime sleepiness (napping) and reduce your need for sleep medication.

Weight lifting also results in weight loss which in turn makes you less likely to experience obstructive sleep symptoms such as sleep apnea.


Our body release hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are released in many states but also when we are doing some hard work. They make us move and perform work. Weight lifting increases endorphin levels which result in euphoria known as runners high. Because endorphin boosts our energy level mentally we feel more energized several studies have proved that it improves cognitive functions.


Weight lifting increases the level of good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. It decreases hypertension or high blood pressure. So, collectively when your cholesterol, and blood pressure are in control there will be lesser chances of having heart issues. 

For weight training benefits on heart health. A study compares 2 groups one having cardiac problems and the other that doesn’t. It showed that weight training has a positive impact on both types of groups and helps improving heart health.

7 incredible weight training benefits

Weight Training is Medicine and Having Hidden Health Benefits


Here are the weight training benefits listed below especially older adults can get benefit from:

Prevent Bone Fracture

In older adults due to loss of bone density, bone fracture becomes very common. Though there are also medical issues for this, the most common cause is loss of bone density. Weight training benefits include improving bone density. Weight lifting increases bone strength and decreases the risk of bone fracture.

Increase Muscle Mass

Usually, with age, people lose muscle mass. At the age of 70, most people lose more than 25% of muscle mass. Weight lifting reverses muscle loss and regains muscle strength.

Improving Functional Movement

Due to lack of movement older adults, usually develop digestive or gut-related issues. Strength training improves movement and flexibility which results in better digestion and better performance.

Better Body Composition

Older adults and especially women tend to gain more fat and lose muscle mass over a period of time. This can cause chronic illness and health problems. Weight training benefits help to gain muscle mass and maintain body composition.

Good Mental Health

Due to loneliness and isolation in older adults, they can become depressed and suffer from other mental issues. Strength training benefits are equally important for both your physical and mental health. Because increases mobility and function and improves overall health boosts mood and overall quality of life


Weight training is very important for you if you are a male. The above weight training benefits also applied to you but exclusive weight training benefits if you are a male are basically two:

  • It improves your reproductive ability and muscle strength of your reproductive organ that will lead to the prevention and improvement of erectile dysfunction. 
  • Weight lifting results in the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for the production of sperms and increases muscle mass.


Weight training is very important for you if you are a female. The above weight training benefits also applied to you but exclusive weight training benefits if you are a female are basically two:

  • Your menstrual cycle irregularities will improve, as well as your ovulation, and fertility.
  • Decreases in testosterone levels, increases in sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), and Free Androgen Index (FAI).


If you are diabetic you can get the following weight training benefits:

Burns Up Blood Sugar 

In weight training, you rely on glucose using metabolic systems for energy. You are using glycogen stored in muscles. When this muscle’s glucose runs out, your body starts to mobilize glycogen from blood and the liver. Depletion of muscles and liver stored glycogen leads to decreased blood glucose levels, giving blood glucose a place to go next time you eat.

Improves Glucose Storage 

Your muscles are acting as storage for consumed sugar and carbohydrates. When you start weight lifting your muscle’s capacity to store blood glucose in the form of glycogen increases and muscle stores more glucose. It aids in lowering blood glucose levels.

Spurs Weight Loss

In people carrying extra weight, losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can improve your three-month average control of blood sugar levels. According to John Hopkins: Apart from burning calories during your workouts, strength training promotes fat loss by increasing levels of lean muscle mass. 

Even as you sit around and watch football or sit at a desk and work, the muscle we have on our body is serving to burn calories.

Targets Harmful Belly Fat 

Weight lifting decreases body fat which is around the organs. It exacerbates insulin resistance and complicates blood sugar management. These fats produce chemicals and hormones that are responsible for inhibiting the body’s effective use of insulin. Reduction of fat level results in the management of blood sugar level with insulin resistance due to strength training. 


In a nutshell, weight training is not important only for building muscles but also for overall health. Weight training benefits are endless and everyone should add it to their fitness regime regardless of weight, gender, and age. If you don’t involve in any physical activity try to do so first. Then gradually find your way towards weight training.

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