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Maintain Online Journals – Dealing With Insomnia

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As life is getting busy and productive. Many factors contribute to mental health problems and sleep disturbances such as lack of sleep (insomnia). Writing your problems can help you cope up with the stress better and in the era of the internet maintaining online journals is the best way to do it.

Fighting With Insomnia By Online Journals

Stressful events in life can sometimes cause minor sleep problems. However, when it becomes chronic and lingers on longer than usual, it develops into a more severe sleep disorder, insomnia. A person who has insomnia can wake up at odd hours of the night and struggle to sleep at the first go.

Moreover, this sleep disorder leaves people feeling lethargic and depressed most of the time that later on decrease productivity.


There are three types of insomnia that people suffer from, including:

  1. Acute – it is the most common type and lasts up to a few days or weeks.
  2. Transient –  it does not require treatment because it lasts less than a week.
  3. Chronic – it needs treatment since it is a full-blown disorder. It lasts for more than three months and recurs frequently.


Most of us face insomnia at some point in life due to stressful situations. However, it is manageable through medications and writing online journals. Whether you maintain a physical journal or prefer online journals.

It is the best activity to label your thoughts, as well as liberating your mind from the junk, creating a soothing effect. Writing your thoughts down rather than thinking them is important because the former engages your cognitive faculties, helping your process each thought logically.

In addition, psychologists and psychiatrists also prescribe maintain journals to insomniac patients before going to bed. Although journaling can benefit in the daytime, mental health experts recommend that writing before bedtime maximizes the recovery process. Besides, insomniacs start fretting just before retiring to bed. Therefore, journaling before sleeping provides a calming effect.

Tips To Maintain Online Journals For Insomniac

Moreover, there are no hard and fast rules of journaling. You can write whenever and whatever you feel like but according to research, it is recommended for  insomniacs that:


  • Write only happy thoughts and experiences before going to bed to make them fall asleep longer and better.
  • Feeling stressed and worried before going to sleep will stop the body from relaxing; therefore, it is essential to indulge in positive journaling.


  • Journaling can become an essential part of your bedtime routine. Moreover, it can develop into an exciting hobby that you look forward to before going to bed, reducing the fear of falling asleep as night approaches.


  • To an already overburdened person, following a strict routine of journaling can mean added pressure initially. But it merely takes 10-15 minutes to write down all the positive thoughts of the day. Hence, once you start reaping its benefits, you will get hooked on writing them down every night before sleeping.


  • If you are struggling to find ideas to write, there are so many events in your life that you can revisit. For example, think about your childhood. How you grew up, what was your favorite hobby, did you ever enjoy academic studies, and so on and on. As a matter of fact, there is a hidden child in everyone. It is just that we no longer connect with it because our busy routine consumes us. As a result, we forget who we were and act seriously.


  • Explore your teenage life while writing a journal. There could be certain traits that you would like to use in your adult life. For instance, if you had a big social circle, you can still reconnect with all your friends in the past. It may not take too much since everyone has access to modern technology and social media use. Once you can connect with someone, talk to them.
  • If you love to travel, write about all the places you would like to visit. Try to cover small details like how your ideal vacation spot should look like. If it is a beautiful valley, explain how the entire landscape should appear. Would you like to be alone or with someone? How that place should smell like and whether it is supposed to have a moderate climate or cold? What type of cuisines would you love to explore when traveling?


  • While thinking and journaling about all the exciting things life can and has been offering you, your spirits will be lifted, giving you immense hope and a reason to deal with insomnia. Remember, it is all about soothing your mind. It is going to help you relax and cherish all you can.

Other Benefits Of Maintaining Online Journals

Journaling online is convenient without a doubt. But, it has more benefits too. By maintaining the online dairy you will get the following benefits:

  • Privacy.
  • Portability
  • Good Readability.
  • Durability.
  • Error-free grammar.
  • You can add photos and videos
  • Chronology
  • You can search phrases or words

Frequently Asked Questions About Journaling


It depends on the website or application you will be signing up for. Prefer an online journal that doesn’t store your personal data so there will be no chances of identity theft.

In A Nutshell

Last but not least. Thoughts are powerful. If they are positive, they can transform your life. Therefore, it is your call whether you prefer physical journaling or like to maintain daily online journals. However, the latter is more practical than the former for two reasons. First, online writing is more accessible from anywhere in the world. Second, you can save everything online without worrying about carrying your journal when traveling. All you need before sleeping is to turn on your phone, laptop, or tablet and start writing.

So, do not fear the approaching darkness, and write your way to a dreamful slumber! Follow Loaded Health for more updates, tips, and tricks for maintaining your health and fitness on the long turn.

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