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How Does Summer Affect Your Skin

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Different seasons affect our skin differently. Winter, summer, and rainy seasons especially take a serious toll on our skin. How does summer affect your skin? As summer rolls out, the daily routine changes. We start to spend much more time in the open air and indulge ourselves with more treats.

When we are enjoying the higher temperature, splashing around in the sea or pool, and air conditioning, we can easily see why all these might have an impact on the skin. Now, the question comes, how does summer affect your skin.

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

As we have mentioned above, summer affects our skin in a number of ways. That is why you also need specialĀ skin care during a hot and humid summer day. But for that, you need to understand how summer is affecting your skin.

Here are the major effects of summer on the skin.

#1 High Humidity And Heat Make Your Skin Oilier

In the hot weather, the sebaceous glands of your skin become more active. As a result, the oil on your skin male breakouts more often. In case you are using the wrong sunscreen and also failing to remove it properly, the situation gets worse.

So, your skin becomes oilier. As we all know, oil captures dust and pollution more. So, you can expect some other skin issues due to the excess oil and dirt.

#2 The Heat Also Makes The Sweat Glands More Into Action

Excessive sweating during those hot summer days can affect more than just your pretty face. The deadly combination of sweat, friction, and obviously bacteria cause rashes or breakouts on your chest and back.

All those folding joints, such as the back of the knee, underarms, and the other side of the elbow, these places also cause rashes from sweat, bacteria, and friction.

#3 Chlorinate Water Dries Out Your Skin

Summer means more time in the pool. Swimming is indeed an excellent way of cooling off during the hot summer days. However, the chlorine water simply strips your skin of its hydrating, natural oils.

As a result, the skin might feel dry and flaky. In worst cases, it also can build an itchy and irritating rash after spending a long time in the pool.

#4 The UV Rays Change Your Skin

We all get excited to get a tan during the summer. However, exposure to the sun does more than just darken your original skin tone along and makes freckles appear.

In case you spend too much time in the sun without the necessary protection, you will get sunburn. Excessive UV or ultraviolet also causes leathery skin, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, swelling along with other signs of premature aging.

#5 Summer Heat Might Trigger Eczema Flare-Ups

It is true that psoriasis suffers likely to benefit from exposure to the ultraviolet ray and higher humidity. For people with eczema, the story is completely different. The heat of the summer actually might trigger increased redness and skin irritation.

So, in case you have conditions like this, it is best not to let your skin overheat. Also, when you are going out, take the necessary protection.

#6 Bacteria Can Sabotage Your Skincare Products

Bacteria love humidity, due to this reason, summers are their favorite season, and they also tend to increase. Your skincare products are those that undergo the attacks of bacteria, so you have to ensure that you are storing them in a cool and dry place.

In order to help your skin stay clean, we are also advising you to replace your pads and brushes frequently.

Take Care Of Your Skin During Summer

Now you know what exactly summer does to your skin. But do not worry; we got your cover with the summer skin care tips as well. Here it is.

  • Sunscreen is a must during the daytime, even if you are not going outside.
  • Lighten up your skincare routine, and obviously eliminate the winter coat.
  • Opt for a dual-purpose moisturizer that will also protect from the sun and moisturize your skin.
  • Try a good Vitamin C serum.
  • Exfoliation should be in your skincare routine.
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • Drink more water and fruits.

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