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How to Reduce Workplace Stress Through Journaling Online

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Is your workplace stressful? Well, everyone has to face workplace stress at some point in life. Usually, we all look for a healthy office atmosphere but are not always successful in finding one. So, It’s important to cope up with the stress. For that with all the traditional methods is journaling online. Follow the post below and remember mental health is a must to watch and maintain.

Factors Contributing To Workplace Stress

At some point in work life, if you experience workplace stress. It can range from mild to moderate and severe, depending on the circumstances and an individual’s coping mechanism. That said, reasons for feeling stressed out at work are many and vary from one person to another. Workplace stress can either be due to problems in personal life or at work, such as:

  • Long working hours
  • Conflict with coworkers or management
  • Job insecurity
  • Too much workload

Any single or all of the factors mentioned above can cause employees to experience high-level stress and affect these areas:

  • Productivity
  • Getting late at work more often
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Being fidgety and nervous at work

However, not all is lost if you are looking for a way out. Luckily, if you start journaling online, you can ease your woes. Taking out a few minutes to maintain a journal is not a big deal! In fact, it can help you vent out negative feelings bothering you at the workplace. So, let’s explore why journal writing can release your stress.

Here is Why Journaling Online Can Help Reduce Workplace Stress

There are a few factors and reasons why journaling online helps in reducing workplace stress:


  • Imagine engaging in lengthy arguments with your coworker or boss without any moral support at work. It can make you go bonkers. But, journaling online can be very beneficial during a tense working environment.


  • For instance, worrying about workplace problems can aggravate stress, causing other serious health complications. However, journaling online is like meditation. It distracts your mind and helps you identify the root cause of the issues bothering you.  When you dump your feelings through writing, it motivates you to work and be more productive.


  • Journaling online clears out the thought process. It helps you set achievable goals and prioritize your work accordingly. Once you have increased awareness about managing workplace affairs, your productivity will increase, and your stress levels will naturally drop.
  • Writing in a journal gives us perspective. For example, sometimes we feel that our bosses are inconsiderate and unfair. However, once we write down our concerns,  we may realize that they are just doing their job, and otherwise, we might do the same. On the contrary, it can also help us understand that we need to stand up for ourselves and demand fair treatment.


  • Journal writing can also be handy for finding better job opportunities. When you make a list of the pros and cons of your current job and compare them with other potential alternatives, you can make a more informed and calculated decision about your future career aspirations. You may also realize the fact that protecting your mental health is more critical than working with toxic management.


  • Maintaining a work journal can help you to be more productive and creative. By writing down ideas for new projects and assignments, you can increase your thinking ability.
  • The Harvard Business Review conducted a study. It revealed that multiple employees from seven companies were asked to maintain a journal, recording their work-related experiences daily. Results showed that employees who wrote every day felt happier, more productive, and focused than those who did not.
  • Since adult life is more practical and demanding, writing down your thoughts may streamline your lifestyle. In addition to improving your productivity at work, it can give you better ideas about managing your family relations. If you have not been spending sufficient time with your spouse and children, you can plan an ideal vacation to gel together and have fun. Sometimes, we get consumed by our work life to such an extent that we forget about our loved ones. We forget that they need our time to be happy and strengthen the entire family bond. Hence, once a year, going somewhere on holiday is imperative to maintain a well-balanced and enriching life.


  • While writing a journal, you can also experiment with discovering your favorite food. Just think about different cuisines and make a list of the ones you would love to taste. Thinking and writing about food provides you another exciting dimension of living if you love to try unique dishes.


  • Learn to connect with your childhood when journaling online. Try to remember the silliest things you have done while growing up. It is a great practice to cherish all the wonderful memories you had as a child. For instance, the kind of sports you loved to play and who your best friend was. How was your life as a teenager? Did you have a crush on someone in high school? Where did you first meet your spouse and how both of you decided to be life partners? Writing down these things lifts your spirits and helps you wonder that it is just your thoughts that you need to change and everything will fall into the right place once again.


How Can Employers Reduce The Stress At Workplace?

If you run a company you must know that providing your employees a stress-free place will be great to increase your company’s overall productivity and sales. Here are some methods that you can apply for helping the reduction of workplace stress in your office:

  • Provide adequate break time
  • A proper room to chill out during break time
  • Arrange social activities from time to time
  • Listen to your employees
  • Wellness schemes

What Are The Benefits Of Journaling For Stress Management?

Keeping a journal has endless benefits like:

  • Emotional escape
  • Help improving overall wellbeing
  • Might help with the conclusion of the problem
  • Increasing thinking process and clarity
  • Increase productivity

The Bottom Line

So, In a nutshell. If you are someone who experiences high stress and feels unproductive at the workplace, journaling online can certainly help you change your attitude. There are many other factors too that can contribute towards lowering down your overall stress like healthy eating, exercise, and taking enough sleep too. Follow Loaded Health for more mental health-related updates and methods to coping up with them.


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