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My Very Own COVID Vaccine Experience

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Are you still not able to decide whether to get the COVID vaccine or not? I have discussed the vaccines for COVID-19 information in detail. Today, I am really excited to talk about my very own COVID vaccine experience with you like I have shared with you how I survived COVID-19

Why I Get A Vaccine?

I am a health care worker and working in the frontline against COVID-19. In my country Pakistan, we (healthcare workers) are the first ones to get a vaccine against COVID-19 as per government policy. I was get registered from my hospital setup and then it all started. Initially, I was like most others, that is in the confusion phase of whether to get vaccinated or not. 

The main reason I was so confused and reluctant for getting it because I recently had COVID a month back and in my opinion and most suggested authorities if I am having the antibodies why should I get vaccinated and this should be done later on probably after 3 months.

I confirmed my case from several relevant authorities and when the majority says YES I decided to get myself vaccinated. After going all of that I am eager to share my COVID vaccine experience.

What Does COVID Vaccine Do?

Most of the people from which I confirmed why should I get vaccinated were very relevant people related to vaccine preparations, supply, or research. All of them confirmed that whether you had COVID recently and it passed 1 month, get yourself vaccinated due to the following reasons:

  • It will give a further boost to your immune system.
  • Eventually, you will have to get yourself vaccinated in the future.
  • Most recommendations were that after 4 weeks of recovery you can get vaccinated.
  • In short, injecting the vaccine will not create any such harm.
  • In either way, we don’t have many options available. It is a situation for doing or die.

My COVID Vaccine Experience

I went for getting my first shot on the 18th of February 2021. My vaccination center was according to the district where my hospital lies. It was Qatar Sindh government hospital, Karachi.

I went there and was properly guided through the process. The vaccination area arrangements were great and I didn’t get any trouble in understanding the process. There were in total 5 stations I need to go step by step.


This station was the first one on the line they gave me a form to fill out. In that form I have to mention all my contact information, also see my national identity card number, and confirmed my appointment for getting the covid vaccine.


Once all the general information is confirmed they forwarded my form and me to the next station. On that station, the nursing staff was sitting. He checked my blood pressure, pulse, fever, saturation and mention it all down on my form.


After getting the vitals staff handed me over to the 3rd station which was of doctor’s history station. The doctor asked about my thorough medical history and current and past illness. Furthermore, my drug history and whether I am currently on any medications or I am allergic to some or not.


This was the main vaccination station. The nursing staff who was going to inject me a vaccine clear all my queries and answers all the questions I have asked from her very vigilantly. I also checked the expiry date and also got to see the injection vial. She was competent she carefully injected me with the COVID-19 vaccination. I got the injection on my left deltoid and it hardly hurt anything. 


The last station was the post-vaccine waiting station, where I need to wait half an hour for observation, in case I got any reaction from the vaccine. Everything went fine and I left the hospital after 30 minutes. 

Note: They had proper measures, team, and equipment in case if anyone gets a reaction.

After 12 Hours of Vaccination

I got my shot at 10:30 am and till 10:30 pm and after that, I started to feel some discomfort in my arm where the vaccine was injected. I also started to feel lethargic and tired. Moreover, I was having dryness in my throat. I checked my fever but I was afebrile. 

After 24 Hours of Vaccination

I was started to get the bad symptoms of COVID-19. Lethargy was severe, and the headache was moderate. I had a mild cough and dryness but no fever. 

After 3 Days of Vaccination

It all goes away. Whatever I was feeling as symptoms and which were getting severe, all goes away on day 3. I was back to normal on this day. 

On Day 15 of the COVID Vaccine Experience

Today is past day 15 when I got vaccinated and to date, after day 3 I got no symptoms. I am feeling fine. I  will be sharing my 2nd dose of COVID vaccine experience.

So, this was my very own COVID vaccine experience. I will be updating this once I will be getting my second shot which is due on 11/3/21. Learn more about the COVID vaccine

Update On Dose 2 of COVID Vaccine Experience (23/3/21)

So, I got my 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine on 11/3/21. The overall COVID vaccine experience wasn’t good like the 1st dose. Because I went to some other setup to get it done. The staff wasn’t cooperative and the system was not at all organized.

Well, There were different sections for different tasks in the hall. I got my vaccine and went home. Overall experience was disappointing from the center I went into.


On day 3 of my post-vaccine day, I got severely sick, I feel so lethargic that I can’t even able to perform my easiest tasks of the day. My body aches were so much that I can’t nearly walk.

I update this page after so many days because of the same issue. Today is post-vaccine day 12 and now I am feeling better enough to get up and get something done. Getting this vaccine was a difficult process even for me as a health care worker. Overall symptoms I have experienced in the course of 10 days:

  • Lethargy and Weakness
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • Brain Fog
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Nausea
  • Loose stools

Wrapping It Up

COVID 19 has made our lives miserable in all aspects.  It has not only affected us physically but mentally, financially, socially, and economically as well. We have to stand together to get rid of it. Please follow the safety measure recommended by authorities for COVID-19. Stay safe and keep everyone safe.

Also, read Mental health during COVID-19.

Till then stay with Loaded Health for more health-related updates and queries.  
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