Coronavirus Pandemic - How I Survived COVID-19?
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Coronavirus Pandemic – How I Survived COVID-19?

Day 1 to Day 14 And Beyond

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Have you ever thought that if you get the virus will you be asymptomatic or will have moderate symptoms? How ready are you to face this deadly virus? What if all your family will be affected at once? What to do in case of complications? How to prevent complications in the first place? I have already shared a lot of information regarding coronavirus on loaded health. Today, I want to share my very own personal experience regarding the virus and how I survived COVID-19.

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from COVID 19 try and talk to the professional about your illness. Don’t take anything and everything available on media and the internet claimed to be beneficial for prevention and treatment. This article is all about how I survived COVID-19.

As far as I am concerned being a health care professional. I come across many COVID-19 patients during my duty hours. Some of them are diagnosed and some of them are suspected. So, due to these reasons, I always thought if I ever have this virus I will be asymptomatic as considering my immune system to be strong. But, not always what you think is necessarily true.

How It All Started

I am not sure from where and when it is started but as far as I remember my onset of symptoms was from 28th December’20. I am quite sure that it all started after attending my brother’s wedding on 25th December’20. Why do I think I have caught it from the wedding and not from the hospital setup? Because first of all, I take all the necessary precautions during my duty hours it’s unlikely to get the virus from there. 

Secondly, it was not only me who got affected my whole family started to have symptoms from 28th December’20. This also includes our other relatives and family friend who attended the occasion. The SOPs on the wedding were complete but we all still got infected. 

The Sequence of How I Survived COVID-19?

My whole family had almost the same sequence of symptoms as I had except my mom. I will be discussing the symptoms me and my family faced during the course of 14 days.

DAY 1 

Around 1 – 2 am on 28th December I started having a dry cough. Yes, the cough was dry and continuous. It was mild and accompanied by a mild sore throat. 

8 am I went to my duty but throughout the course of the day, I felt lethargic and down. I got a call from home that my mother, my brother, my aunt all are feeling very sick and having severe shivering and cold. 

3 pm when I went home. I checked my temperature and I was not having a fever. But all other members of my family having high-grade fever up to 102 or more with shivering. I gave them paracetamol.

After some time of paracetamol, they felt better. A whole day of 28th I didn’t get any fever, only cough, lethargy, and flu.

DAY 2 

Around 2 am on 29th December I started having severe shivering, body aches, and lethargy. It was so severe that I can’t explain. Never had this type of shivering and body aches before in life. 

The whole night passed by thinking to get up and take paracetamol or check my fever.

Around 8:30 am I requested my brother to check my temperature. I came out as 103℉. After taking paracetamol I got better but my fever didn’t drop below 100, with that shivering, and lethargy stays.

On this day I realized that I and my family might have COVID-19. So, I decided to get the test done. The report was awaited within 2 days.

I have already had all the required medications at home necessary for COVID-19. I started the treatment for myself and my family right away. 

DAY 3 

This day was the same as day 2. Fever was high grade and continuous I need to take paracetamol every 6hourly. Unable to stand up properly. It was these 2 days were the toughest in all the 14 days.


On 31st December when I wake up in the morning first message I read was of my report. It stated ‘POSITIVE’. It was not only me but everyone in my family who went for the test came out positive. I knew this but it was still hard to swallow. 

Because I was having people at home who were immune compromised and weak. I explained to everyone what we have to do and not only the people living with me but the relatives that were distant and ill. 

From this day I started further necessary treatment. I ordered the necessary groceries online and asked everyone to stay hydrated. My symptoms were the same as day 3. 


I started having gut disturbances, vomiting, loose stools. Unable to eat anything. I feel all the time nauseated and felt like throwing up. With that cough, lethargy persists. On the other hand, fever decreases in its duration. I needed paracetamol only twice this day. 


As the symptoms were progressing so are the medications and their needs were increasing simultaneously. I started treatment for my gut and was feeling less nauseated today. I decide to eat something I didn’t feel any taste. Here it goes. My sense of taste got affected. I was feeling taste but only with highly enhanced flavors like extreme sugar or chili. The rest of the taste was all numb. 

DAY 7 

This day was the end of 1 successful week of how I survived COVID-19. I was continuously taking the temperature and checking the oxygen saturation of everyone including myself. By, the grace of God many of us were not having fever on this day now. The oxygen saturation of everyone stays fine. 

I myself were having a fever at least once a day. Lethargy increases. I was started having dizziness from day 7.

DAY 8 & 9

Most of the course of the medication was finished. Only the multivitamins and paracetamol continue. With that, we also are needing nebulization at least twice a day. I marked the mask and hang them in the isolated room, where the dissemination is minimum. 

DAY 10 To Day 14

On day 10 my mother got new onset of fever, cough, and shortness of breath and got really sick. We all get disturbed, but I was a doctor has much more responsibility for everything on my shoulders than anybody else did. She was actually suffering from COVID Pneumonia. I treated her for that at home and by the grace of God, she got better in 3 days. 

Her fever and shortness of breath subsided but severe cough Persists. Today, when I am posting this at least 3 weeks, Passed from the first symptom, but we all still feel weak and lethargic especially my mom. 

Nutrition I Have Taken Throughout My Illness

I have taken everything I have already explained in my nutrition for COVID-19 article. Namely:

  • Servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Had flatbread or rice with any gravy available once or twice a day. 
  • A handful of nuts per day.
  • 1 egg at least every day.
  • Chicken bone broth.
  • 1.5-2.5L of water

Nutritional Supplements including

Note: It was very difficult to even eat once a day especially initially 7 days of the infection. But I try to take proper nutrition to a tolerable extent. Because I know if I don’t do that my immunity further deteriorates. On the other hand, I was on taking all nutritional supplements from day 1. 

Exercise I Have Done Throughout My Illness

None, I didn’t do any extra physical activity even not the breathing exercises. I tried to rest as much as possible. Only my mom when her symptoms worsen has done deep breathing exercises for few days. Click here for COVID 19 exercise recommendations.


  • I seldom get any rest because I was the one taking care of everyone else who was ill in the house.
  • Making supper was also challenging in the initial days but we coped up with it as the days progress.
  • Making people understand what COVID-19 is and what it can do to you. There were people in my family and relatives who believe in controversies rather than the actual illness. 
  • Taking care of pets. Our pets sleep and eat with us. I have 2 Siamese cats, feeding them and keeping them away from us was very difficult. 
  • Dealing with the fear of losing a family member, and coping up with the mental health during COVID-19 was also challenging.

To Be Conclusive

This is all about how I survived COVID-19. These 14 days were some of the most fearful and challenging days of my life. By the grace of God, this time period passes out without any complications. No matter what you do maintain social distance, frequent hand washing, and wearing a mask and other recommended preventions are the only way to decrease the contamination of the virus.

Stay healthy and safe without getting infected. Try to eat healthily and include your nutritional supplements from today if you haven’t had any yet. You can contact me below if you have any questions or need any further help.


Dr. Riffat Humayun

I am a doctor by profession. Working as healthcare worker since 2015. With that also working as an experienced freelance writer, blogger, SEO expert, and content creator + strategist for a few years now. Position at - Author, content strategist, senior editor, SEO expert

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