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“All Vaccinated People Will Die Within 2 Years” – Fact Or Myth?

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Have you got your COVID jab? Or are you going to have it now? In either way, this post is for you. “All vaccinated people will die with 2 years” This is the most recent rumor spreading all over the internet and social media about COVID-19. Let’s find the truth behind it in the post below.


Everything shared in this article is based on present recommendations and proven facts. These might change and be updated tomorrow. Loaded Health only supports facts that are scientifically proven.

It was normal when I woke up in the morning and saw a forwarded message on my WhatsApp stating in the title “All vaccinated people will die within 2 years”. I read it all. Being a doctor everybody expects me to answer this question. So, I decided to write down about it on Loaded Health.

But whether is it true that every individual and all vaccinated people will die within 2 years? It was hard to engulf for those who are already vaccinated, a layer of fear for those who are going to get their jabs in no time, and a sign of relief for those who are not willing to get vaccinated in the first place. 

Is it true? Is it a fact or just a myth? Generally, like many others COVID-19 controversies this topic too is having two schools of thought. People who are favoring the statement and others who don’t. I am going to share every minor information about it in this article.

Who Is Luc Montagnier?

Luc Montagnier is a french virologist. He was born on 18 August 1932. In 2008 he got a Nobel prize for discovering the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) commonly known as AIDS in the year 1983 and the co-founder of AIDS Research and Prevention Center. Besides the main Nobel prize, Montagnier also got several different awards for his efforts in the relevant field.


Luc Montagnier is popular in the medical scientific community not only for HIV discovery but also for his controversial views. He claims and given the following controversial statements in the past:

  • A healthy immune system is enough to protect people against HIV-AIDS.
  • Poisoning the next generation little by little. (statement given on mandatory vaccinations by the French government).
  • Water has memory.


A molecular biologist Alexis Verger stated that as a reminder:

“Luc is known as pro-homeopathy, anti-vaccinations, and think that water has memory-based on the old theory.

More than 100 academic scientists wrote:

“We, cannot accept that Montagnier is using his Nobel prize on HIV to spread dangerous messages related to health and medicine outside of his knowledge field.”

What Is The Statement Luc Montagnier Gave About COVID-19?

In an interview, he stated certain things about COVID-19 and its vaccinations and these are the highlights of that:

  • Mass vaccination is a scientific as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake.
  • It is shown in history that vaccinations create new variants of the disease.
  • For the china variant, there are antibodies against the virus due to the vaccine so the virus will not die it will rather produce new variants. 
  • The curve of vaccination will follow the curve of deaths.
  • In short, whoever got infected with COVID-19 after receiving the vaccination will show new variants that will be resistant to the treatment.
  • Antibodies created by the vaccine will be responsible for a new stronger infection by the coronavirus called ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement).
all vaccinated people will die within 2 years

What Is The Statement Circulating With The Name Of Luc Montagnier On The Internet?

Luc Montagnier says nothing less than that mentioned below but the purpose, intention, and intensity might not so much intense and negative as it was created by the selection of words by the circulating messages on the internet. These were the three intense statements that got most popular were:

  • There is no treatment option and hope for people who are already vaccinated.
  • All those who are vaccinated for COVID-19 will die within 2 years. 
  • The virus was created in a laboratory and is man-made.

All Vaccinated People Will Die Within 2 Years” – Fact Or Myth?

The two main reasons through Montagnier favors his statement of “All vaccinated people will die within 2 years” were: 

  1. Virus mutations are occurring by vaccines that are causing news variants.
  2. Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).


Viruses constantly mutate and change through it. This change or mutation in the virus creates new variants of that virus. These newly mutated forms may appear for the time being or persist forever. COVID-19 is no exception it has also mutated and created multiple variants of itself globally since it first emerged. 

The mutations and new variants are random and unpredictable. For example, Some mutations create a variant that allows it to spread drastically and more easily. Another variant may allow it to become resistant to vaccines and treatments.

The variants of COVID-19 that become the variants of concern (VOC) and the top of the list were:

  • UK – B.1.1.7
  • South Africa –  B.1.351 
  • Brazil – P.1 & P.2
  • India – B.1.617.1 & B.1.617.2
  • USA – B.1.427 & B.1.526

If the person is vaccinated against the virus this means that the defense mechanism of that person’s body knows about the virus. When COVID-19 was new no human body recognized it. COVID-19 was new to the human body so it doesn’t recognize it simultaneously it has no power or weapons against the virus. Thus, more than 173 million affected and more than 3 million died globally to date.

For this reason, vaccines are considered a powerful tool against COVID or any infectious diseases. As per studies vaccines against infectious diseases whether bacterias or viruses have shown an expeditious decline in the incidences and complications of that disease. Diseases like smallpox and Polio are almost eradicated with the help of vaccines. Then why COVID-19 is considered an exception?

On the other hand, what next step we have if we don’t get ourselves vaccinated? It’s being a situation of doing or die. With the COVID vaccine what side effects or variants we will get is another discussion and we need to live to see that at least. 

What Does World Health Organization Say About The COVID Variants & Vaccines?

The World Health Organization (WHO) thinks that:

  • The proven COVID jabs are expected to show some protection for new and emerging strains as the immune response is huge. 
  • The mutations in COVID-19 will not completely make the vaccine-resistant or ineffective.
  • Not being vaccinated is not the step to stop the Coronavirus mutations but being vaccinated is.
  • Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is the main step for preventing the emergence of new strains. Like, getting a vaccine, hand washing, wearing masks, social distancing, good nutrition, exercise, and recommended supplements for COVID-19.
  • Vaccines are the only effective tools against COVID-19. Even if they are creating variants we must use all available tools against the disease.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

When someone got a vaccine the immune mechanism in that person’s body will create antibodies against it and store this information for a future attack. ADE is known as a phenomenon in which antibodies for certain diseases actually enhance the infection and the disease complications. 

For example, the Dengue virus shows ADE conclusively. It has four types DENV1, DENV2, DENV3, DENV4. All four of them differ in antibody types. So, that antibodies from one can bind to another but unable to neutralize the other type.

For instance, when you are infected with one type of dengue virus-like DENV1 and you recovered. Next time you infect with another type like DENV3 for example. The antibodies present against DENV1 can attach to DENV3 but can’t neutralize it and the type of disease will be much more complicated than the previous one. 

Instead, the antibodies for DENV1 allow the dengue virus to attach to normal cells that will enhance the infection and shows a much more complicated and serious infection. 

ADE was addressed during the coronavirus vaccine development as a potential problem. 

All approved vaccines have been evaluated to ensure that they make high levels of neutralizing antibodies to prevent ADE. To date, no ADE has been documented from cases of COVID-19 reinfection anywhere. In fact, these infections are almost always milder than the previous ones.

Medical expert at Meedan Health Desk claims that :

“Vaccinated people with COVID vaccines are showing protection against severe cases and hospitalizations. This might not be the case if ADE were occurring.”

The In A Nutshell

While there is a global war against this virus don’t put your ears on any fake news or controversy circulating about the virus on the internet or social media without confirmation by an authentic platform or proof. The key point in this whole article was that in my opinion vaccine is a must. Furthermore, also follow the preventive steps of COVID-19. Get yourself a COVID jab and your family vaccinated as soon as possible. Learn more about proven COVID-19 vaccines.


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