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A Detail Discussion and Benefits of Meditation

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Are you experiencing a stressful period in your life? Reading and applying the benefits of meditation might help you get through it. Likewise, provide you with relaxation and give back your peace of mind.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method of focusing on your thoughts in silence. In this technique, you try to focus your mind on a particular, thought, or object. In this way, your mind will be trained to get focused, attentive, and aware.

The American Psychological Association states meditation to be a clinical therapy or a part of the therapeutic medicine links to development and spiritual growth.

By practicing meditation you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally stable state of mind. Meditation can be practiced when you sit alone and think deeply to illustrate something.

It can also be known as mindfulness or a deep thought process.

Additionally, Meditation itself as a word is difficult to prove. It includes an extensive range of unique meanings in different cultures. The word “meditation” and the expression “meditative practice” can include almost anything that is required to train the concentration of the mind.

Types of Meditation

With regards to this article, it is important to at least name some types of popular and usually practiced meditations. I will discuss them in a separate post but for now, I am just mentioning the names of some popular yet highly practiced meditation types. 

For every type, the benefits of meditation are the same. 


  • Mindfulness
  • Concentrative


  • Spiritual meditation
  • Visualization meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Progressive meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation

Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation provides you a feeling of balance, peace, and calmness that can benefit both your emotional well-being as well as your overall health.

One of the Neuroscience Journal states with regards to the benefits of meditation that if you practice it extensively it can do wonders. Such as stress reduction and promotion of your well-being. This includes your mental health as well as physical health.

The good point is that the benefits of meditation don’t end with your session. You can carry yourself more calmly through the course of your day.

I am diving the benefits into two broader terms. Benefits of meditation on your mental and emotional states and its benefits on your physical health.


When you start to meditate daily, you try to process the information that is overloading your mind on an everyday basis. This information can be due to long term or short term stress. But thinking over it deeply may clear away the overload that builds up on your mind due to that. 

There is a statement regarding meditation in one of the Journal of Psychology that states: meditation represents a strong behavior that helps to build up the coping strategy for transforming how you react to life events. benefits of meditation on your mind includes:

  • Growing creativity and imagination.
  • Developing tolerance and patience. 
  • Attaining a new viewpoint on stressful circumstances.
  • Building abilities to manage your stress level. 
  • Improving self-awareness.
  • Concentrating on the present.
  • Overcoming negative emotions


Meditation is not just a mental exercise as it might also be helpful for your physical health. In the same way, if you are going through any long-term disease, and because of that, you are developing stress you will definitely get benefit from meditation.

For instance, due to the current pandemic of COVID 19 people are facing physical as well as mental issues and with other exercises, meditation can help those who are suffering from COVID 19 or facing stressful situations due to it.

Meditation may help people going through diseases that may be acute or chronic. Listing some of the names below. For example:

  • COVID 19
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Heart issues
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gut related issues
  • Headaches due to tension
  • Chronic pain

Meditation isn’t a replacement for conventional treatment. But it may be a useful enhancement to your other treatment prescriptions.

Practicing Meditation

Meditation is a very complicated game for new people. The word meditation indicates not only brain thinking but also a great deal of concentration. And it essentially means to measure. Measurement is a judgment, to differentiate ‘what was’ and/or ‘what is’ from ‘what should be’, in easier words the comparison of the reality and the ideal.

Still, If you choose to, you can definitely practice and become an expert in meditation with time. Or you can attend professional centers or groups for meditation.

Some people strengthen meditation into their everyday routines. For example, they may begin and end each day with meditation for an hour. However, the amount and time of meditation vary from person to person.

I am listing 4 easy practices for meditation practice if you are a beginner. Start them with a few minutes and gradually increase. It is common to get out of focus initially but with the time you will get used to it.


  • Easy for beginners to practice. 
  • Focus and keep attention on your breathing. 
  • Concentrate and listen as your inhalation and exhalation. 
  • Breathe deeply and slowly. 


  • You can create your own slogan. 
  • whether it’s religious or profane. 
  • Repeat that slogan and focus on your words.


  • Do a light walk with concentration.
  • It will be an efficient and healthy way to relax. 
  • Slowly walk and focus on the movement of legs.


  • It is the most widely practiced form of meditation. 
  • Spoken and written prayers are found in most traditions.
  • Whatever religion you belong to, offering your regular prayers is a great way to meditate.

Thus, to summarize there are a lot of physical and mental benefits of meditation. As well as meditation can be practiced in several ways. This article only reflects 4 ways by which beginners can practice meditation although there are other several ways too.

The point is to include a few minutes of meditation in your daily routine and increase it as per your ease. So that you can enjoy all benefits of meditation.


Dr. Riffat Humayun

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