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The Truth About Mouthwash Killing Covid-19

Have you heard about the recent update on mouthwash killing Covid-19? Let’s find out how true is that and why…

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Loaded Health

What is Resistance Training – A Comprehensive Guide

Bored with cardio and want to switch towards resistance training? Or Are you confused about what is resistance training actually…

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A Detail Discussion and Benefits of Meditation

Are you experiencing a stressful period in your life? Reading and applying the benefits of meditation might help you get…

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Diet Plans

A 1200 Calories Diet Plan For Free

If you have ever attempted to lose weight you certainly have heard about the 1200 calories diet plan. This diet…

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The Relation Between Supplements and COVID 19

Is there any association between supplements and COVID 19 prevention or cure?  Are supplements utilized for COVID 19 really helpful? …

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What Are The COVID 19 Exercise Recommendations

Can exercise help in COVID 19? If “YES”. What are the COVID 19 exercise recommendations? Or What type of exercises…

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Nutrition for COVID 19 – All You Need to Know

Do you know what impact nutrition has on COVID 19 prognosis? No matter if you are an immunocompromised or otherwise…

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A Reality Check on 10000 Steps a Day

Obsessed with completing 10000 steps a day? Everywhere for a few years, there is a massive trend of fitness bands…

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Healthy beverages

Surprising Facts On Health Benefits of Coffee

Are you a coffee lover and often heard it’s bad for your health? Well, whatever we hear is not always…

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10 Health and Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow

Are you searching for some doable health and fitness tips? If “YES” then you must read the post below. Health…

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